10th International Conference on Swimming Pool & SPA – Sustainability of Swimming Pools and SPA in a One Health Perspective

This volume gathers the abstracts of the contributions presented at the 10th International Conference of Swimming Pools & Spas, the biennial international conference on the safety and quality of bathing and thermal waters for swimming pools and spas. “Sustainability of Swimming Pools and Spas in a One Health Perspective” was the theme of the event, under the scientific direction of the Italian National Institute of Health (ISS) and Rome’s “Foro Italico” University.

An audience of authoritative names from the international academic world – from Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and the Middle East – and from some of the most prestigious Health Institutes gathered for the 10th ICSPS in Bologna (Italy). The main aims were to discuss public health in the attempt to develop a safe, sustainable approach to spread a health-promoting culture through recreational waters, in the light of the many scientific and technological advancements of the last few years.

Source: https://www.iss.it/en/-/istisan-congressi-23/c1-10th-international-conference-on-swimming-pool-spa.-sustainability-of-swimming-pools-and-spa-in-a-one-health-perspective.-organized-by-italian-national-institute-of-health-and-university-of-rome-foro-italico-.-bologna-february-15-1

10th International Conference on Swimming Pool & Spa. Sustainability of Swimming Pools and Spa in a One Health Perspective.

  • Organized by: Italian National Institute of Health and University of Rome “Foro Italico”.
  • Release: Bologna, February 15-17, 2023.
  • Type: Abstract book.
  • Edited by: Emanuele Ferretti, Luca Lucentini, Federica Nigro Di Gregorio, Vincenzo Romano Spica and Federica Valeriani
  • Source: 2023, xii, 85 p. ISTISAN Congressi 23/C1
  • ISSN 0393-5620