TN 44 Disinfecting coronavirus - new guidance on cleaning pool equipment

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2020 E-Newsletter Archive

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SubjectDate Published
Technical Note 5120 October 2020
Technical Note 44 updated13 October 2020
Tribute to Andy Elphick5 October 2020
Updates to Technical Notes 2 and 467 September 2020
Tribute to Dr Phil Penny29 August 2020
TN 50: Pool filter specification4 August 2020
TN 47: Spa pool and hot tub after Covid-19 shutdown13 July 2020
Safe aquatic physiotherapy practice – Covid-19 pandemic9 July 2020
TN 44: Disinfecting coronavirus – updated8 July 2020
TN48: Swimming pool covers – in practice
TN49: Swimming pool circulation pumps and variable speed drives
6 July 2020
TN 46: Swimming pool technical operation following Covid 19 shutdown19 June 2020
TN 44 and TN 45: Reopening a pool after Covid-19 shutdown and
disinfecting coronavirus
23 May 2020
Managing Legionella during coronavirus pandemic9 April 2020
Guidance on temporary pool closure20 March 2020
Social distancing and FAQs during coronavirus pandemic18 March 2020
Coronavirus update11 March 2020
Novel coronavirus information6 March 2020
PWTAG at Spatex 202027 January 2020

2019 E-Newsletter Archive

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SubjectDate Published
Pre-Christmas update and look ahead to 202019 December 2019
New blog released – the value of swimming28 November 2019
Conference countdown is on30 October 2019
PWTAG Conference 20198 October 2019
Date and first details of PWTAG conference confirmed8 August 2019
Change of Contact Details27 March 2019