The Standard Required for PWTAG Accredited Trainers

This section applies to Swimming Pool Technical Operator (SPTO) and On-site Designated Supervisor (ODS)training courses designed to comply with the requirements of the PWTAG Code of Practice: The management and treatment of swimming pool water.

SPTO and ODS courses may be developed by individuals or organisations who have the necessary expertise in pool facility operation and maintenance and expertise in education or training as evidenced by combined work experience and training.

There are specific requirements.

Requirements for Accredited Trainers

To become a PWTAG Accredited Trainer course providers shall furnish PWTAG with course instructor information indicating their suitability to provide training.
This might include:

  • their expertise in facility operation and maintenance – as evidenced by work experience and/or training
  • evidence of completion of a pool technical training course which at a minimum covers all of the essential topics as outlined in the PWTAG approved syllabus, including passing the final exam
  • evidence of successful completion of a teaching/training/instructor course
  • evidence of successful relevant experience in delivering swimming pool technical training or training in a similar field such as engineering or microbiology
  • details on how support will be provided to students to support their home study and distance learning.

Applicants must follow the procedure outlined in the next and final section, Administration