The PWTAG Council

The PWTAG Council consists of representatives of companies, societies, institutions, governing bodies or member organisations that are recognised by PWTAG in the swimming pool water industry, usually representing a unique area of interest.

Council members attend the quarterly PWTAG meetings and AGM, with voting rights.

You can view the current PWTAG Council members, including contact details, below.

Meet the PWTAG Council

Simon Benton
  • Name: Simon Benton
  • Email: simon.benton@defra.gsi.gov.uk
  • Company: Drinking Water Inspectorate
Dave Bosher
  • Name: Dave Bosher
  • Email: dave.bosher@hotmail.co.uk
  • Company: Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers
Janice Calvert
  • Name: Janice Calvert
  • Role: Chair
  • Email: admin@pwtag.org
  • Company: Royal Society of Chemistry
Stephen Carder
  • Name: Stephen Carder
  • Role: Treasurer
  • Email: steve.carder@totalpool.co.uk
  • Company: British Association for Chemical Specialities
Rachel Chalmers
  • Name: Rachel Chalmers
  • Email: rachel.chalmers@wales.nhs.uk
  • Company: Public Health Wales
Sarah Dack
  • Name: Sarah Dack
  • Email: sarah.dack@phe.gov.uk
  • Company: Public Health England
Colin Day
  • Name: Colin Day
  • Email: c.day@tintometer.com
  • Company: ISPE
Tom Devin
  • Name: Tom Devin
  • Email: tdevin@devin-consulting.com
  • Company: Institute of Engineers of Ireland
  • Name: Malcolm Dunne
  • Email: malcolm.dunne@nuffieldhealth.com
  • Company: Nuffield Health
Howard Gosling
  • Name: Howard Gosling
  • Email: howard@poolandspaadvice.co.uk
  • Company: Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association (SPATA)
Brian Guthrie
  • Name: Brian Guthrie
  • Role: Technical Editor
  • Name: Chris Hayes
  • Email: chrishayes@bishta.co.uk
  • Company: BISHTA Ltd
Rob Johnston
  • Name: Rob Johnston
  • Email: rob.johnston@phe.gov.uk
  • Company: Public Health England
Richard Lamburn
  • Name: Richard Lamburn
  • Email: richard.lamburn@swimming.org
  • Company: Swim England
John V Lee
  • Name: John V Lee
  • Email: johnvlee@leegionella.co.uk
  • Company: The Water Management Society
  • Role: Technical Advisor
Susanne Lee
  • Name: Susanne Lee
  • Email: susannelee@leegionella.co.uk
  • Company: Royal Society for Public Health
Ian Nicks
  • Name: Ian Nicks
  • Email: iannicks@btinternet.com
  • Company: Institute of Swimming
Ralph Riley
  • Name: Ralph Riley
  • Email: ralphriley@mac.com
  • Role: Technical Advisor
Mike Shuff
  • Name: Mike Shuff
  • Email: info@palmacademy.co.uk
  • Role: PALM Academy Ltd
Frank Thomas
  • Name: Frank Thomas
  • Email: frank.thomas@blueyonder.co.uk
  • Role: Medical Advisor
Craig Valentine
  • Name: Craig Valentine
  • Email: Craig.Valentine@bourne-leisure.co.uk
  • Company: The Resort Leisure Safety Group
Simon Whittingham
  • Name: Simon Whittingham
  • Email: simon.whittingham@ftleisure.co.uk
  • Company: FT Leisure
  • Role: Chair – Industry Forum
Sarah Wratten
  • Name: Sarah Wratten
  • Email: sarahdwratten@hotmail.co.uk
  • Company: Aquatic Therapy Association for Chartered Physiotherapist’s (ATACP)
  • Name: Ian Kershaw
  • Email: ian.e.kershaw@me.com
  • Company: The Water Management Society
  • Name: Jackie Gawen
  • Email: jackie.gawen@chilternconsulting.com
  • Company: British Holiday & Home Parks Association