The PWTAG Council

Council members are representatives of government agencies, recognised professional and technical specialist bodies, a company, society, institution, governing body or member organisation that is recognised by PWTAG as a key player in the swimming pool water industry, usually representing a unique area of interest. There are also representatives of the Industry, Training and Individual Members’ Fora.

In addition, Council invite such technical members to Council as are able to contribute to the objectives of the Company. See below the section on Technical Advisers.

Council meets periodically and reports to the Directors. Its members attend the quarterly PWTAG meetings and AGM, with voting rights. For further details please contact the PWTAG Administration office.

Please note: This membership grade is by INVITATION ONLY.

Annual fee: £2,274 inc. VAT. The Articles provide that no membership fee shall be payable by those persons admitted as a technical member.

Meet the PWTAG Council

Colin Day

Ian Ogilvie

Stephen Carder

Simon Benton

Dave Bosher

Janice Calvert

Rachel Chalmers

Sarah Dack

Tom Devin

Howard Gosling

Rob Johnston

Richard Lamburn

  • Name: Richard Lamburn
  • Email:
  • Represents: Swim England

Susanne Lee

Robin Mitchell

  • Name: Robin Mitchell
  • Email:
  • Represents: Individual Members’ Rep

Mike Shuff

Craig Valentine

  • Name: Craig Valentine
  • Email:
  • Represents: The Resort Leisure Safety Group

Simon Whittingham

  • Name: Simon Whittingham
  • Email:
  • Role: PWTAG Industry Forum

Sarah Wratten



Frank Thomas

  • Name: Frank Thomas
  • Email:
  • Role: Medical Advisor

Ralph Riley

  • Name: Ralph Riley
  • Email:
  • Role: Technical Advisor

John V Lee

  • Name: John V Lee
  • Email:
  • Role: Technical Advisor


Non-voting attendees

Brian Guthrie

  • Name: Brian Guthrie
  • Role: Technical Editor