About PWTAG Membership

PWTAG champions the cause of healthy, safe, effective, and practical standards for swimming pool water on behalf of its members, the industry and the swimming public. Anyone can be informed of PWTAG work by subscribing to the PWTAG e-newsletter

Members of PWTAG, as listed below, are informed about its work through the e-newsletter and access to the members area of the PWTAG website. There are other specific benefits in membership.

Membership Benefits

Individual Membership Type Affiliate Associate Graduate Full
Annual Cost £20 £30 £30 £90
Nominal Letters to indicate affiliation with PWTAG
Access to resources and reference documents
Priority booking for Annual Conference, seminars, CPD events
Discount on PWTAG events 15%
Discount on PWTAG publications (only one discount code can be applied) 15%
Discount on PoolMark application
Invitation to attend Member Forum meetings
Voting rights*
*One vote as a collective through their member representative

Individual Membership

Full Member (MPWTAG)

There are four ways of qualifying for full individual membership.

  1. An appropriate degree and a minimum of three years in swimming pool water technology or management.
  2. HNC/HND DipTech standard or equivalent and a minimum of five years in swimming pool water technology or management or an associated commercial undertaking.
  3. Lesser formal qualifications and a minimum of eight years in the pool water industry.
  4. Experience as a pool tutor employed by a PWTAG-approved training organisation

Annual fee £90 including VAT.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate membership is available for all individuals who are starting to work in the industry or have an interest in the work of PWTAG. It is an entry level membership for those who do not meet the requirements of other memberships. Affiliate membership does not enable the use of nominal letters to indicate affiliation to PWTAG and does not include voting rights.

Annual fee £20 including VAT.

Associate Member (APWTAG)

Associate membership is available to those who hold the PWTAG Swimming Pool Technical Operator qualification (SPTO) and are employed in the pool industry. Associate members must hold a valid in-date PWTAG SPTO qualification.

Annual fee £30 including VAT.

Graduate Member (PWTAG Grad)

Graduate membership is intended for those who meet the academic criteria for full individual membership but do not yet fulfil the experience criteria. Or are working academically on a study, project or research that is recognised as contributing to the work of PWTAG.

Annual fee £30 including VAT.


Organisation Membership

Industry Forum Member (FMPWTAG)

Membership of PWTAG’s industry forum is intended for pool companies to engage in a two-way arrangement. Companies wishing to join the forum must undertake to support PWTAG’s philosophy, aims, standards, code of practice and guidelines. In return as forum members companies have the chance to participate in the formulation and review PWTAG’s publications, technical notes, code of practice etc.

Annual fee £600 including VAT.

Pool Operator (Company – not individual)

The PWTAG Pool Operator Membership is an operators chance to be a part of improving the design, engineering, safety, health and quality of swimming pool operation and creating a sustainable, professional and durable workforce. As a pool operator member organisation, they can participate, working alongside our industry organisation partners to develop the standards for the sector. These standards are the benchmark for the development of future swimming pool operation together with qualifications, training programmes, etc. A Pool Operator membership is a statement of support for PWTAG vision to create improvement in the standards for pool operation and a professional workforce for the sector. PWTAG ask for members to support this through:

  • The annual subscription – to show support to PWTAG to help finance our continual voluntary and independent role in setting standards and research is £250 per annum (maximum 20 pool sites).
  • Follow PWTAG Code of Practice.
  • Obtaining copies of our publications including Swimming Pool Water our main technical publication and following our Technical Notes, guidance materials, books, posters etc.
  • Sourcing training from PWTAG Approved Training Organisations
  • Ensuring that “PWTAG membership desirable” is included on all job descriptions/person specifications.
  • Transferring relevant staff into membership.
  • Providing feedback to PWTAG in surveys, research work, accidents and incidents.


PWTAG Council is the governing body of PWTAG

Council Member (PWTAG)

This grade of membership is by invitation only.

Council members are representatives of a company, society, institution, governing body or member organisation that is recognised by PWTAG as a key player in the swimming pool water industry, usually representing a unique area of interest. Council members attend the quarterly PWTAG meetings and AGM, with voting rights.

Fellow (FPWTAG)

This grade of membership is by invitation only.

Fellowship is awarded to council members of PWTAG with 10 years of service and who have made major contributions to the work of PWTAG and/or to the industry.