The Structure of Courses

The course will cover as a minimum the essential topics as outlined in the PWTAG syllabus. Providers must provide details of their syllabus if it has extra elements.
The courses will be based on:

  • The PWTAG book, Swimming Pool Water: treatment and quality standards for pools and spas
  • The PWTAG Code of Practice
  • PWTAG updates on

Other training materials may be used by prospective course providers, but if so providers will provide details of their training materials.

Course Length

Course providers will provide details of the amount of time required either in study or direct contact terms allocated to cover each of the essential topics in the syllabus.

PWTAG expects that recognised SPTO courses will be provided by blended learning that mixes home study of the PWTAG book with classroom- based education, supported by distance learning that allows students to receive tailored help from tutors – e.g. online forums, video conferencing and internet telephony technology.

Recognised Courses

PWTAG Approved Training Organisations are required to meet the requirements and intent of the PWTAG code of practice

To become an Approved Training Organisation organisations must be able to demonstrate that they can meet the requirements for:

  • course content – syllabus
  • course materials
  • course length
  • instructor qualifications
  • exam administration
  • certificate procedures
  • updates of information as changes are made.

Applicants will submit an application to PWTAG for assessment to become a PWTAG Accredited Trainers, in accordance with the criteria given below.

An independent panel from PWTAG will judge applications. There is a £500 fee for assessment, which must be provided with the application.

PWTAG may at its discretion choose to revoke a previously accepted course based upon demonstration of inadequate knowledge or poor performance of its qualified operators, or due cause.

PWTAG may also at its discretion require additional operator training or testing.