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PWTAG Technical notes are updates or new material for the standards and guidance given in the PWTAG book, Swimming Pool Water and the PWTAG Code of Practice and should be read in association with these publications.

PWTAG keeps pool operators up to date by providing guidance through these technical notes on the issues of the day.

Combining PWTAG’s specialist expertise and published scientific data, we aim to optimise swimming pool technical operation.

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Coronavirus – Pools post lockdown

Since 19 July 2021 swimming pools and spas in England are, in theory, able to operate as they want. Like theatres, pubs and clubs, they are free to return to normal practice. The situation varies in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland where operators should consult the UK government website.

Accordingly, PWTAG has moved the many technical notes relating to Covid-19 – about closing and reopening pools etc – to the archive section below. There is material in them that may well continue to be useful, as the pandemic is still with us. Let’s hope we don’t have to move them back into the active section.

To operators concerned about the safety and effectiveness of ‘normal practice’ this report makes reassuring reading.

Technical Note Date Published
Sulphuric Acid January 2011
Energy Efficiency in Swimming Pools January 2012
Pool Temperatures December 2010
Novel Treatments January 2011
Designing for Good Water Treatment March 2011
Hydraulics for Good Pool Water Treatment March 2011
How warm does the water have to be for outdoor swimming? August 2012
Baby and Toddler Swimming in Warm Hydrotherapy Pools November 2012
How the Authorities Investigate Outbreaks November 2013
Regenerative Media Filters (RMFs) April 2014
TDS control with electrolytic hypochlorite generation November 2014
Guidance on temporary closure during coronavirus emergency (Technical Note 43) March 2020
Reopening a pool after Covid-19 shutdown (Technical Note 45) May 2020
Spa and hot tub technical operation after Covid-19 shutdown (Technical Note 47) July 2020
Swimming pool technical operation after Covid-19 shutdown (Technical Note 46) August 2020
TN46 supplementary note: Covid-Safe Pool Operation – An Update (Technical Note 46-B) August 2020
Paddling pool and splash park management during the Covid-19 pandemic (Technical Note 51) October 2020
Disinfecting coronavirus (Technical Note 44 – version 4 updated November 2020) November 2020