Bunds for pool chemicals (TN35)

PWTAG Technical notes are updates or new material for the standards and guidance given in the PWTG book, Swimming Pool Water and the PWTAG Code of practice and should be read in association with these publications.

All liquid pool chemicals should be stored in bunds, to prevent any leaks or spillage spreading. The specifications in this technical note are for sodium hypochlorite, but they are a guide too for hydrochloric acid and other liquids.

Construction and specification

Bunds can be reinforced concrete, concrete block or brick. They must have a lining resistant to water and the chemicals stored – therefore the lining may be epoxy resin, PVC, welded polypropylene or GRP. The lining should cover all walls within the bunded area up to minimum 100mm above the bund wall height. The lining should lap over the top of the bund wall. The floor of the lining should be non-slip.


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