PWTAG Pool Training Qualifications

These pages set out the necessary elements for the training of Swimming Pool Technical Operators (SPTOs) and On-Site Designated Supervisors to PWTAG standards as defined in the PWTAG Code of Practice.

The PWTAG Code of Practice is the core document, backed up by the PWTAG book, Swimming Pool Water: treatment and quality standards for pools and spas and PWTAG Technical updates on

Pool Training Qualifications Guidance

The Qualification guidance is divided into six sections:

  1. The Swimming Pool Technical Operator (SPTO) syllabus comprises the theory requirements and the content of the exam while the practical information comprises the requirements for the practical tests and assessment.
  2. The On-Site Designated Supervisor (ODS) comprises theory and assessment for this qualification appropriate for pools that do not have a Swimming Pool Technical Operator
  3. The structure of the courses indicates how the programme of study should be organised
  4. The standard required for trainers includes the criteria against which PWTAG will judge the suitability of applicants.
  5. Administration includes the necessary administration for courses, certification, examination, renewal etc.
  6. Checklist for prospective training organisations seeking accreditation

Other Training Course Syllabi

Click or tap below to download a syllabus for each individual qualification.

The qualifications are technical operators for hot tubs, paddling pools, and spa pools, testing for swimming and spa pool water.