Training for Pool Technical Staff

What technical staff do I need for my pool?

All pools should have some form of staffed presence responsible for their technical operation and supervision.

The type of cover depends on the type and use of pool.

The HSE in HSG179 (2018) say that – The pool operator must provide suitable information, instruction and training for employees operating pool water treatment plant and equipment and ensure that a risk assessment of the plant room is carried out.

PWTAG Guidance on Training and Qualification

The PWTAG Code of Practice, the publication Swimming Pool Water and the website Technical Notes form the basis for an operating practice accepted by the enforcing authorities as one way to the standard to achieve in swimming pool technical operation.

PWTAG has devised a qualification framework to go with the Code of Practice with a syllabus that is based upon the Code.

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Swimming Pool Technical Operator (SPTO) – On site / On call

To meet with Health and Safety responsibilities and comply with this Code of Practice, a qualified, trained and competent technical operator should be available on-site/on call during all hours of operation at swimming pools types 1 and 2 (As defined in BS EN 15288) which meet the following criteria:

  • Have more than 120m2 of water area
  • Have more than 120m3 of water volume
  • Have a throughput of an average of more than 200 bathers daily
  • Are hydrotherapy pools, specifically designed or a pool that is used for hydrotherapy
  • Are used to provide swimming lessons and swimming training
  • Are permanent school pools
  • Are facilities that are used by the general public and children that include interactive water features.

All pools even if they do not meet these criteria are encouraged to choose to employ a SPTO for the safety, health and assurance that this provides.

On-site designated supervisor, visiting technical operator

All pools that do not meet the above criteria, not employing a SPTO as defined above should instead have a staffed presence of an onsite designated supervisor with a visiting technical operator.

The onsite designated supervisor should be capable of testing the water quality as required by this CoP and know how to make adjustments as needed to maintain water quality.

Although not responsible for plant maintenance, they must be knowledgeable and competent on the operation of the facility in terms as required in the pool’s PSOP for both normal and emergency action plans

The visiting technical operator should provide regular (weekly minimum) visits and assistance whenever needed. Written documentation of these visits should be available at the facility. The written reports should at least show that:

  • The circulation, filtration and disinfection systems were checked and working satisfactorily
  • The safety equipment was noted as available on site and in working condition
  • The pool and its infrastructure were in good condition
  • Water chemistry and bacteriology were tested, their resulting values recorded on the report, and were found to comply with this CoP
  • The operator took any corrective actions.

The Qualifications

To meet the needs of both full time technical operation and on-site supervision where there are arrangements in place for a visiting technical operator PWTAG has stipulated two qualifications, these are:

  • Swimming Pool Technical Operator
  • Onsite Designated Supervisor

Find out more and view the syllabuses for both on our Qualifications pages.

PWTAG currently work with five Approved Training Organisations to deliver these qualifications.