This section covers the necessary procedures for administration of the SPTO courses, exams and certifications.

Final Exam Administration

PWTAG Approved Training Organisations shall provide final exam administration, proctoring and security procedures including:

  • the procedure for the exam
  • the conditions of the exam
  • the marking schedule
  • external assessment of a 10% random sample of scripts by an independent approved authority
  • checking student’s photo identification, to ensure that the individual taking the exam is the same person who is given a certificate documenting course completion and passing of exam and,
  • when the final exam is passed, issuing a qualified SPTO certificate.

Course Certificates

PWTAG Approved Training Organisations will furnish course certificate information including:

  • procedures for issuing non-transferable certificates to the individuals who successfully complete the course work and pass the final exam
  • instructions for the participant to maintain their originally issued certificate, or a copy thereof, for the duration of its validity
  • procedures for the qualified operator training course organiser to maintain an individual’s training and exam record for a minimum period of five years after the expiration of the individual’s certificate.

Certificate renewal

The maximum length of validity for a qualified operator training certificate shall be three years. It is recommended that pool operators are reassessed annually in the work place for competence in water testing.

Qualified operator training course providers shall furnish course certificate renewal information including criteria for: either re-examination with a renewal exam that meets the specifications for initial exam requirements and certificate issuance specified in this code or a refresher course with an exam that meets the specifications for the initial course, exam, and certificate requirements specified in this code.

Suspension and revocation of certificate

PWTAG Approved Training Organisations shall have procedures in place for the suspension or revocation of certificates.

Providers may suspend or revoke an operator’s certificate based on evidence that the operator’s actions or inactions unduly created safety and health hazards

They may suspend or revoke an operator’s certificate based on evidence of cheating or obtaining the certificate under false pretences.

PWTAG may at its discretion choose to rescind a previously recognised certificate of a qualified swimming pool technical operator based upon demonstration of inadequate knowledge, poor performance, or due cause.

Registered Swimming Pool Technical Operators (SPTO)

Candidates who become SPTO qualified are entitled to become listed on a SPTO register held by PWTAG.

The fee for this is £5 (+VAT) for three years and is paid by the training organisation. Registered SPTOs will be reminded prior to the end of their three-year term that they must update the currency of their qualification.

The PWTAG Approved Training Organisation, and not PWTAG, will provide updates.