How PWTAG deals with the new (TN26)

PWTAG Technical notes are updates or new material for the standards and guidance given in the PWTAG book, Swimming Pool Water and the PWTAG Code of practice and should be read in association with these publications.

  1. PWTAG does not formally approve particular branded products or processes. So any promotional claims along the lines of ‘PWTAG approved’ can be assumed to be bogus.
  2. PWTAG does, however, recommend types of product and processes. These will have been independently validated by at least one authoritative body acceptable to PWTAG, or proven in other ways. For example, many of the products and processes used in swimming pools were researched and established in the drinking water industry. Others are well established and proven over time in swimming pool practice, and often researched and evaluated by PWTAG.
  3. All such products and processes will be referred to in Swimming Pool Water or on
  4. PWTAG does not wish to ignore innovation. It is happy to receive information about new ideas. This should include the results of independent laboratory test and/or field trials. Ideally the work should have been published in a peer-reviewed journal. A formal scrutiny mechanism is described below.
  5. PWTAG will also do its best to advise genuine applicants how their new product or process may be validated. Reference to the OECD guidance on pool disinfectant efficacy is often useful here.

PWTAG scrutiny

Custodians of a new product or process wish can engage formally with PWTAG, for a fee negotiated according to the work involved in attempting validation. The procedure is confidential.

There will usually be five steps.

Step One

Supply to the PWTAG secretary:

  • complete description of the product/system, including full chemical names of all chemicals
  • details of the product/system in use
  • details of independent peer reviewed verification or similar

Step Two

Information should be issued to PWTAG at least four weeks in advance of the PWTAG quarterly meeting so that it can be included on the agenda, and issued in advance for the meeting.

Step Three

PWTAG will carry out an initial review at their meeting; requirements for any additional information will be scheduled and issued to the supplier.

Step Four

A presentation to the group may be proposed and/or a site visit to a completed installation.

Step Five

A statement will be prepared by PWTAG covering the following items:

  • product description
  • claims made about the product
  • evidence to support the claims

PWTAG comment on the above in terms of compliance with PWTAG guidance and/or industry best practice. PWTAG reserves the right to publish the results, which cannot be used in advertising.