Pool operators and managers are reminded to be vigilant about the chlorine-resistant parasite Cryptosporidium which can cause gastrointestinal illness especially at this time of year.
Key points for pool operators and managers are:

  • Refer to the PWTAG Code of Practice
  • Pay attention to your pool’s bather load; especially during busy times
  • Ensure good pool water circulation
  • Have the right sort of filters, maintain them properly and dose flocculent continually
  • Keep pH within range as it effects disinfection and coagulation/filtration efficiency
  • Backwash filters when pressure differentials indicate, and after the last swimmer has left the pool
  • Use secondary disinfection (e.g. UV)
  • Encourage bather hygiene
  • Respond quickly and appropriately to faecal accidents (PWTAG TN2)
  • Keep up with training and encourage others to do so.

Useful document: PWTAG Technical Note 30

  • Date: September 2023