German lifesavers advise government about the closure of public swimming pools

The German Life Saving Association (DLRG) explained that too many public swimming pools in Germany had been closed or were poor condition.

  • Original Article: XinhuaNet
  • Date: December 2019

To combat the closures of public swimming pools in Germany, DLRG requested a “nationwide master plan” and presented a petition which had been signed by around 120,000 supporters.

According to DLRG’s estimate, the cost of restoring public pools were quantified at 14 billion euros (15.5 billion U.S. dollars).

Swimming clubs and water rescue organizations were concerned about a shortage of facilities for training, often causing long waiting times for swimming courses, according to DLRG.

In Germany, about 60 percent of ten-year-olds were not considered safe swimmers, according to a survey commissioned by the DLRG.