New Pool Chemical Incident Form

Incidents and accidents are a fact of life but these can become more frequent where processes are not in place or followed, perhaps through a lack of understanding, awareness and/or training.
Recently, chemical incidents in the pool industry have risen dramatically which prompted the formation of the Pool Chemical Forum hosted by the CBA (Chemical Business Association), attended by a cross sectional group from prominent industry bodies.
This group has worked together with the aim of providing a means to assist the industry in becoming more informed around the occurrence of incidents by facilitating an anonymous* reporting tool.
The new Pool Chemical Incident Form has been developed to collect useful anonymous* information around the causes and learning points of pool chemical incidents which will be independently collated and shared on a regular basis.
The aim is to help the industry evolve and improve standards of chemical handling and use, making the sector a safer place.
* Identifiable information is not collected about the site or company, where the incident has occurred or the person reporting the incident.
You can find the Pool Chemical Incident form here –
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