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The PWTAG Conference round-up

The 2019 PWTAG Conference took place on Wednesday 13 November. Held in Loughborough it featured a range of vital, ground-breaking presentations.


A range of guest speakers attended the conference and gave valauble presentations on the following topics:

  • Chris Hebblewhite – Drowning detection systems in pools, time for a clear perspective
  • Cristina Villanueva – THMs in pools a cause for concern due to disinfection by-product exposure and health risks among swimmers
  • Emma Pusill – Lidos, the future
  • Janice Calvert – Chlorine oxidisation the secret to healthy, clear, sparkling water
  • Rachel Chalmers – Validation and application of Cryptosporidium assays for swimming pool waters and filter backwash.

You can download the presentation slides below.

PWTAG Conference 2019 presentations