Sweden water park: Video shows huge fire engulfing newly built attraction

Footage (on the article link) shows a huge fire engulfing a newly built water park in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Twelve people were sent to hospital for minor injuries, and police say one person is currently missing.

Officers evacuated a hotel and nearby offices, warning residents to stay inside because of the smoke. The cause is still unknown.

The water park, which was due to open later this year, was part of an expansion of Liseberg Amusement Park.

  • Original Article: BBC News
  • Date: February 2024

Note from PWTAG:

At a European Standards meeting where this incident was discussed it was stated that the cause of this fire is not known but the main impact was the water slides. There was both fire and explosion. It will probably be December before the conclusions will be published. Some materials used in swimming pools can under exceptional circumstances be hazardous and this should serve as warning to all pool operators to check their buildings and facilities for any potential fire risks. One expected outcome of this enquiry is likely changes in Building Regulations. In this we can learn from other similar serial incidents in the past.