Triple swimming pool drowning tragedy in Spain resort hotel

It is with the deepest sympathy for the family concerned that we carry two examples of the press reports on the triple drowning tragedy that took place at the Cost del Sol in Spain on Christmas Eve. PWTAG were contacted by the BBC for our comment following which they decided to take no further action.

The press has carried some speculative reports on the cause of this dreadful tragedy.

  • Article: Mirror
  • Date: December 2019
  • Article: Daily Star
  • Date: December 2019


We will ensure that any official findings on the cause are referred to the European Working Group responsible for development of Safety Standards. BS EN 15288 parts 1. Design and 2. Operation and BS EN 13451 Swimming pool equipment Part 3. Additional specific safety requirements and test methods for inlets and outlets and water/air based water leisure features. These standards, first published over ten years ago, are currently under review. Spain are members of the European Working Group and are committed to their adoption.