Valencia City Council orders temporary closure of the central park fountains following suspicion of infectious disease

The Valencia City Council has ordered the precautionary and provisional closure of the Central Park and its facilities, and is going to proceed to empty the water fountains and areas throughout the garden, following the alert sent by the general sub-directorate of epidemiology of the provincial government on suspicion of the presence of the protozoan Cryptosporidium, a microorganism that causes cryptosporidiosis. This was just announced by the councilor Carlos Mundina, who explained that, once the emptying of the water areas has been completed, they will be disinfected by the municipal services.

The City Council and the Ministry are working together, after having registered cases of infection by this microorganism in a total of 7 children aged between 2 and 9 years. The main symptom of the infection is watery diarrhea, often along with other signs of gastrointestinal upset. According to the data collected, the contagion could have been due to improper access to the water fountains and areas by children, such as for bathing and refreshment, a use that is totally prohibited because these waters do not receive treatment like those in which bathing is allowed by users.

  • Original Article: The Sun
  • Date: July 2023